An easy, fast and secure point-of-sale software

Improve checkout operations and retail management

ACCEO Logivision point-of-sale system is specifically designed for fast retailers who are looking for an effective and easy to use solution to help them speed up their business operations, such as:

  • Carry out transactions at the cash

  • Privilege management to avoid costly mistakes

  • Inventory management

  • Secure transactions to protect customers’data

  • Operations management

  • Customer loyalty management

  • Single and multi-store support

Easy to Configure and Secure

Our flexible Windows-based solution provides all the tools required to manage retail operations more efficiently and provide a superior customer experience.

The ACCEO Logivision solution includes all the features you need to design entry screens, manage peripherals, and interface with the back-end application.

Flexible and secure, ACCEO Logivision integrates to debit and credit payment networks to speed up transactions, reduce the risk of errors, and always keep a tight control over cash operations.

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