L-POS is an easy to use point of sale software designed for retailers seeking rapid transaction entry and safe data recording. L-POS runs on a local database to ensure mission critical front-end operations. L-POS is a flexible Windows-based solution that allows you to choose your own hardware. The software includes all the tools you need to design touch-screen entry or to use keyboard-based terminals. L-POS also includes an option to create your own slide show to display media files on your POS screens.

L-POS integrates to major debit and credit payment networks to speed up transactions and reduce errors. Our solution uses certified gateways and pinpads that meet PA-DSS and PCI requirements. L-POS helps you monitor multiple lanes simultaneously and output data to DVR security systems. L-POS fits well in all fast retail environments. Whether you run a small liquor store, a multi-lane supermarket, a c-store with gas or a gourmet boutique, L-POS can be tailored to meet your POS needs.

  • Full-featured POS & Invoicing

  • Screen and keyboard design tools

  • Hardware and peripherals management

  • On-screen advertising module

  • Gift card program

  • Electronic Journal

  • Lane monitoring & DVR interface

  • Integrated Self-checkout

  • Multiple bank interfaces (PCI compliant)

  • Pay-at-pump fuel controller

  • Quick service restaurant

  • Time clock feature

  • MEV certified (Quebec)



L-BOSS is a set of comprehensive and easy-to-use management tools designed for back-office control in retail environments. The basic package includes full product maintenance and price modeling. Use L-BOSS to control pricing changes for future events. Batches can be pre-programmed for both permanent price changes and for promotional batches. You want to get out early and come in later? The price batches activate the change automatically at the appropriate date. Since there are no complicated end of day procedures you can decide whether you need to be there to balance at night or if you’ll compare deposits with system totals the next day or Monday morning.

Features include on-line data exchange with POS terminals to keep your system up-to-date. L-BOSS has a powerful tool that allows you to search for transactions or activity based on a wide range of criteria. L-BOSS collects sales data and prepares a batch entry to link to different accounting packages. Data can be viewed and edited if necessary before the transfer is posted. The system stores all transactions for future auditing. Use L-BOSS cashier and office balancing to control funds coming into and leaving the store. All backend entries are reconciled with any pickups or loans entered on the POS terminals. The data is consolidated and posted to the L-BOSS report system.

The L-BOSS integrated report system allows retailers to monitor sales in real-time. A task scheduler is available to execute events automatically even though personnel are absent. L-BOSS provides great data management whether you run a hyper-market with multiple POS terminals or a small gift shop using an all-in-one terminal for both back office and POS combined.

  • Item maintenance

  • Price batch management

  • Backend balancing

  • Scale interface

  • Reports and Analytics

  • Advanced electronic journal search

  • General ledger interface

  • Multi-Store

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L-BOSS central is the core application designed for multi-store operators. Data changes made on the central system are sent to stores on a scheduled basis. In turn, the store sales data is transferred for use at the central office. The information retrieved provides headquarters staff with sales data to assist with the day to day decision-making process. L-BOSS makes your life easy with only one platform to learn.


  • Centralized price and product information

  • Prices by group and zone

  • Centralized customer account information

  • Reports by store or group of stores

  • Sales data from each POS is returned to Central

  • Electronic journal data for each POS terminal in the chain

  • Inventory transfers between stores

  • Central, regional, store offices

  • Communications scheduled according to your needs

Manage customers

L-BOSS customer management program is used to set up a preferred shopper program. You can implement discounts for frequent shoppers. Discounts can be to the category or item level so you can reward customers as you wish. The preferred shopper program also includes a points tracking system to help build long-term loyalty. Tracking item purchases allows you to analyse sales movement by product by customer. Differentiate yourself from the competition by building a custom loyalty program.


L-BOSS also allows in-store charge accounts. The system ensures that credit limits you assigned to your customers are enforced at time of purchase. Customer statements can be printed or sent by email to improve efficiency. Use the L-BOSS aging report to keep your cash-flow in order by collecting the overdue accounts.

  • Unlimited customer records

  • Customer cards can be printed

  • Multiple customer levels with link to price level

  • Discounts by category by customer type

  • Multiple price levels

  • Electronic coupons

  • Transaction completion deal (buy 6, save 5%; buy 12, save 10%, etc.)

  • Frequent buyer program

  • Points on items, by linked sub-department, on sale total

  • Credit limits for charge posting with real-time update

  • Interest posting with rate per customer type

  • Limit for check payment privilege

  • Account with multiple contacts

Inventory control

Inventory control is an intense and complex task for many retailers. Making sure that you have the product your customer is looking for is a must. Being able to control your inventory levels and making sure you have everything ready during a promotion is really important. Our inventory module is ideal for businesses that use minimum stock levels or sales to manage stock replenishment. With proper inventory ordering and receiving operations, you will be able to minimize your investment and improve overall profits.


Our mobile terminal interface allows you to access the server’s product database from the store floor in a compact, easy to use device. You can even use your phone. The application for mobile devices allows price verifications, receiving, inventory counts and more. And while many retailers have changed their labeling methods to eliminate tags from individual products, you can use mobile devices or price checkers to provide better service.

Our robust controller also give you the option to print labels for your shelves. The system uses the same price information as L-POS terminals to eliminate pricing errors. Selling and displaying the correct price will improve customer confidence and the profitability of your business.

  • Real-time on-hand level

  • Orders can be based on minimum or on sales from a selected period

  • Back-order item tracking

  • Adjustment transactions

  • Receiving from purchase order or manual entry

  • Physical count transaction entry

  • Hand-held device for price verification

  • Batch file maintenance

  • Line Busting

  • Print labels for contents of a price batch

  • Print labels or shelf tags for received items

  • Programmable label formats