Become a Logivision Ambassador

Help us grow and let us reward you for your invaluable support. We believe in building lasting relationships, and our Referral Rewards Program is one way we can express our gratitude for your trust in ACCEO Logivision.

For those who value autonomy over the contractual obligations associated with being a reseller, opting to join our ambassador program is an ideal alternative. This allows you to contribute on your own terms, free from the constraints typically faced by resellers.

The benefits of becoming a Logivision Ambassador:

Our referral program stands out as an exceptional opportunity for individuals seeking not only substantial financial rewards but also ongoing recognition and visibility. At the heart of our program is a generous incentive of $300 per lead, ensuring that our referrers are rewarded when their referrals convert into customers. What sets our program apart is its unlimited structure; referrers can submit as many leads as they desire, and with each successful conversion, they continue to earn, creating a pathway to substantial passive income. Our program:

  • Appeals to individuals seeking financial rewards and ongoing recognition
  • Stands out due to its unlimited structure
  • Allows referrers to submit as many leads as they want
  • Creates a pathway to substantial passive income for referrers
  • Gives recognition on social media and access to Logivision events
  • And more!

Are you interested in becoming an ACCEO Logivision Ambassador?

Contact us at 450-464-2131 or fill out the form below.


Please note that our existing partners and resellers are not eligible to participate in the Ambassador Program.