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Retail Management

The ACCEO Logivision

leverages today’s most advanced retail technology to provide you and your customers with the ultimate self-checkout experience

ACCEO Logivision is geared to meet your needs

Designed specifically for high-speed retail, ACCEO Logivision POS software is adapted for supermarkets, c-stores, liquor stores, and specialty food stores. At ACCEO Logivision, we understand that secure transaction registration and efficient data analysis are of paramount importance to retailers. This is why we have built a user-friendly and secure point-of-sale software to meet the specific needs of retailers.

L-POS is fast

  • Personalize the POS screen and the customer display
  • Scan items with serial, OPOS, or keyboard wedge scanner
  • Flip chart menu for items with no barcodes
  • Prints to parallel, serial, USB, or network printers
  • Integrated payment processing with all major processors

L-POS is easy

  • Touch screen makes operation easier
  • Also supports keyboard or a combination of both
  • Configure screen to simplify transaction sequence
  • Compatible with Windows POS hardware and tablets

L-POS is secure

  • Keeps copy of transaction files on both L-POS and L-BOSS
  • Records all transactions and activity at the L-POS
  • Automatic backup scheduling

Our solutions adapt to your industry

Liquor Stores

Grocery Stores

Pet Stores

Candy Stores

Bakery Stores

Thrift Stores

C-stores and Gas Stations

Pharmacies and Drug Retailers

Health Stores

Specialty Stores and Boutiques

Butcher Shops

And more

A few of our customers

Benefits for Retailers

A flexible POS screen design allows for multiple and self-service applications.

Collaborating to serve you better. Every retailer is unique, so we develop our solution from the ground up to integrate effortlessly with a variety of products.

Manage your inventory in one or multiple locations. Find the right stock balance with inventory control.

Manage, engage, and reward your customers. Offer loyalty rewards and analyze your customer data with ease.

Leverage one-stop shop centralized store management with a single modular back-office application.

Control operations based on user-level permissions.

This scalable and modular POS solution is adaptable to different retail needs and requirements.

Empowering our VARs With

Recurring Revenue

  • Represents a stable, predictable, and regular segment of business revenue including maintenance contracts and revenue share

Product Reliability

  • 30 + years of high-speed retail experience
  • Fully redundant architecture
  • Localized and off-site data back ups
  • Data security
  • Continuous innovation

Tools to Compete

  • Extensive partner network
  • Native APIs to build your own interfaces
  • Marketing support
  • Open architecture
  • Hardware agnostic
  • Unlimited level two support to VARs
  • Access to subject matter experts

Partner Network

  • Extensive partner network – loyalty, payment processing, gift cards, hardware, accounting integrations, ecommerce.

Flexible Architecture

  • Adaptable to a wide range of verticals
  • Scalable from a single store to multi-chain corporate and franchisee retailers
  • Open SQL-based architecture
  • Native APIs to build your own interfaces
  • Programmable task scheduler (batch files, scripts, automated tasks)
  • Modular based sales model

Industry Expertise

  • Industry-specific focus
  • Experienced staff that understand retail
  • Knowledge of industry capabilities and strategies
  • Market leading, customer-focused innovation and development

I am thrilled to share our experience with ACCEO Logivision POS and Retail Management System. As the largest Canadian-owned pet specialty retailer, we were looking for a user-friendly, flexible, and reliable POS solution that could help us manage inventory, process transactions, manage loyalty programs and monitor sales in real-time. I am happy to say that ACCEO Logivision has exceeded our expectations in every way.

– Neil Donpaul, IT Director, Global Bancorp Inc.


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Ideal for Bakery Stores

Ideal for Grocery Stores

Ideal for C-Stores and Gas Stations

Ideal for Butcher Shops

Ideal for Candy Stores

Ideal for Health Stores

Ideal for Liquor Stores

Ideal for Pharmacies and Drug Retailers

Ideal for Specialty Stores

Ideal for Thrift Stores

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ACCEO Logivision is certified with National Conference on Weights and Measures (NTEP) and we want to ensure that your business not only operates efficiently but also adheres to industry standards.