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acceologivision POS Software that SuitsYour Store Every detailmatters to usAt Acceo Logivision, we believe that every detail matters when it comes to serving our clients. That’s why we have invested in the superior-quality retail software AcceoLogivision, which allows us to manage every aspectof our clients’ needs with precision and accuracy. But our focus on quality goes beyond just the technology we use.We believe that building a solid relationship with our clients is key to our success, and we strive to provide personalized service that goes above and beyond their expectations.a small business owner or a large retailer,we are committed to helping themsucceed. With our superior-quality retail software Acceo Logivision and our unwavering dedication to customer service, you cantrust us to handle every detail with care and precision. acceologivision Improve your checkout operations with LPOSThe ideal POS should help you reduce manual entries and mundane tasks to provide you with more time for what really counts. Choosing the right POS will perhaps be oneof your best business decisions. Checkout featuresPCI-compliant integrated and semi-integrated payment optionsEMV-readyCashier monitoringInterfacing with Digital Video Recording softwareHardware and peripheral managementSecurity levels to control accessElectronic journal for audit trailOn-screen advertisingPersonalized screen layoutsHot-key items, quick menus,and item scanningTraining modeMobile checkout counterGift cardsGas pump interface acceologivision ACCEO LogivisionPOS systemThe ACCEO Logivision point-of-sale system is easy to use, easy to manage, and designed specically for high-speed retail: supermarkets, c-stores, liquor stores, and specialty retail stores. All the tools you need to design entry screens, manage peripherals, and interface with the back-end are included. EASY,FAST,SECURE acceologivision Service aboveAre your employees oering high-quality service to your clients? Help them spend more time on customer interaction and less time processing transactions. Geared to your needsACCEO Logivision is customizable, which helps eliminate repetitive tasks to simplify your operations. Your employees can then gure out the basics easily without any help. Your current POS might not be congured to minimize the number of steps in the sale process and reduce transaction time; ACCEO Logivision is.A superior customer experienceYou will make a better impression on your customers by speeding up their checkout. No retailer likes to see an abandoned cart or lose a customer. ACCEO Logivision allows cashiers to ring up items and complete the payment process faster. It also accepts quick forms of payment (such as debit and credit) to reduce time spent handling cash. The software, combined with display ads that promote your products,will delight your customers. acceologivision Protect yourcustomers’ dataThe retail industry has experienced an alarming number of data and security breaches that have resulted in the loss of millions of customers’ credit-card and personal information. Your current POS might not meet the regulatory and policy requirements for credit-card acceptance; ACCEO Logivision does. Reduce the risk of errorsACCEO Logivision allows you to have tight control over your cash operations, use the software securely, and restrict operations based on user-level permissions. It also interfaces to the proper hardware for scanning or weighing products, prints the right items on cash receipts, and stores your information in a secure audit trail. acceologivision Back-endfeaturesProduct maintenance and price modellingPromotional batchesReal-time exchange keeps things up to dateIntegrated report builderAutomatic backupsTransaction search and reviewEmployee time clockBasic rental trackingCashier and safe balancingData transfer to accounting packagesAutomatic update systemManage your retail operations ecientlywith L-BOSSRunning a business is complex: as a retailer, your workdays are a constant race against the clock. Trying to doeverything manually or on your own will not necessarilyyield the success you anticipated.Using a back-oce system like ACCEO Logivision becomes a necessity. You need to store all your product, employee, and customer information securely. POS software needs to compile your data on the y. It’s important to have access to up-to-the-minute sales data at all times. ACCEO Logivision will help you analyze what’s happening in your store at any time during the day in order to optimize the management of your business. acceologivision your inventoryCustomers enter your store in the hopes of nding what they’re looking for.ACCEO Logivision helps you manage your inventory, keep track of orders, and ensurethat your suppliers are delivering the right products at the agreed price.Inventory control is crucial to your income. Knowing your quantities on hand will help you monitor your losses. ACCEO Logivision informs you about inventory changes so you can detect theft, and damaged goods or spoilage.Inventory controlfeaturesStock control and average cost valuationOrdering, receiving, and store countsInter-store transfers for multi-outlet retailersHandheld device for inventory controland price vericationPrinting of price labels and shelf tags acceologivision Build customer loyaltyYour customers are the most important people in your business, and that’s whycustomer management is so crucial. One of the biggest challenges that retailers faceis how to attract new customers, not to mention the challenge of convincing customers to come back. Because information is so easily available to anyone, consumers have developed very high expectations. Consumers’ proles and behaviour are also constantly evolving.ACCEO Logivision acts as a hub of valuable client information, letting you know your customers better so that you can create the right oers for them. acceologivision Customer loyaltyfeaturesTrack account balance, charges, and statementsManage privileges with discounts and price levelsTrack item purchases per customerImplement product reward programsUse an earn-and-burn point system Centralize managementat headquarters Your business is blooming and you’re worried your workload will expand exponentially. Growing your business should be an exciting challenge. When choosing your POS,make sure that the system is able to support multiple outlets in order to keep pacewith business growth.ACCEO Logivision manages remote store data communication, which means you can centralize your management activities at headquarters. Eventually, this one single store could become part of a chain.CentralizationfeaturesPerform data exchange with headquartersRetrieve sales information from stores and channel it to the central systemPush product, customer, and employee data from central to target storesTransfer products between stores acceologivision L-BOSS Mobile AppA new era in retail operations and in-store customer experienceWith a focus on line-busting, product management, inventory counting, POs & price labelling, we aim to provide the best tools you adapt to the digital-focused future.This revolutionary mobile application can also help provide secure, high-performing and scalable mobile solutions to run smoothly today and support your future business needs with condence.You can benet from migrating from a simple and limited web-based tool (L-HTML)to a full-edged mobile app package that can run on modern devices. L-BOSS Mobile features new and improved developments and enhancements from the current unit, giving you an elevated user experience.Product & price maintenance directly in the aisles Portable & real-time stocks ordering, counting & receivingMobile label printingCustomer price checker kioskModern & ecient GUIacceologivision L-OmniGo beyond traditional brick-and-mortar shopping and give your customers a unied experience across all channels and touch points. L-Omni transforms retail operations, empowers purchase processes, and creates dynamic customer experiences.Our omnichannel solution integrates with Shopify – a leading online e-commerce solution. Logivision also supports overall operations for retailers with multiple store locations.Features designedto enhance your customerand store visitor experience:Universal Product Code and Price Lookup codeProduct descriptionShowcase prices with dierent variantsProduct weightInventory on-hand valueTax statusImport fullled orders (including discounts and shipping fees)acceologivision L-SCO A robust solution for businesses addressing time, labor, costs, and customer satisfactionThe ACCEO Logivision Self-Checkout leverages today’s most advanced retail technology to provide you and your customers with the ultimate self-checkout experience. acceologivision L-SCO can be used at a store’s regular POS or an autonomous mode and supports the same features as the regular POS. It also comes with functionalities such as product search, multilingual transactions,electronic payments, market-basket analysis, and loyalty programs. It enables customers to monitor and assist themselves with their purchases and call for help. The software also supports a store’s logo and advertisement placement. The user interfaceof the L-SCO is customizable, easy to use,and intuitive for customers. Store employees can monitor the screens remotely and see popup messages asking for help.L-SCO comes in two versionsL-SCO LiteL-SCO Pro L-SCO Liteacceologivision L-SCO ProFull-featured self-checkout cabinetCustomer satisfaction assessmentMarket-basket analysisTheft prevention – Scale and camera supportWarning lightBack-oce tools, remote assistance and monitoringAudio and video guidance during the transaction process Cash dispenser Electronic payment Loyalty programs Flip charts Ask for assistance Multilingual interfaceLight self-checkout/advance order kioskScan items by customerElectronic paymentAsk for assistanceMonitor POS screen and customer activity in real-time Flip chartsLoyalty programs Store logo and advertisement placement Email receiptMultilingual interface Growth exciting challenge!acceologivision \r\f\r \n\t\b  \t\t ­€‚ƒ‚ „…† \n\t‡\r

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