Liquor stores operate a high-volume business where service and availability are the building blocks of your success. And you need efficient inventory control to keep your shelves stocked with the products your customers enjoy. ACCEO Logivision helps you drive your income with the quick service, discounts and rewards, and product variety that creates an unbeatable customer experience.

Manage and reduce
your inventory
carrying cost

Keep track
of orders

privileges with
discounts and
price levels


Offer loyalty
rewards and
gift cards

Fast checkout

to use


Scalable from
one to multiple

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will benefit your liquor stores:

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I am thrilled to share our experience with ACCEO Logivision POS and Retail Management System. As the largest Canadian-owned pet specialty retailer, we were looking for a user-friendly, flexible, and reliable POS solution that could help us manage inventory, process transactions, manage loyalty programs and monitor sales in real-time. I am happy to say that ACCEO Logivision has exceeded our expectations in every way.

– Neil Donpaul, IT Director, Global Bancorp Inc.


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