Candy Stores

Logivision for Candy Stores

ACCEO Logivision is designed to suit the needs of your candy store.

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Our POS will help you:


Sweeten your store operations with Logivision POS. Logivision POS is the only software you need to manage your candy store. Simplify the checkout process with a system that allows you to sell by weight or fixed price. Manage inventory with ease and track your bestselling treats so you can make sure to satisfy your customer’s sweet tooth while ensuring you never run out of stock.


  • Simplify the checkout process

  • Sell items by weight or fixed price

  • Manage thousands of unique SKUs to accommodate extensive inventories

  • Improve order accuracy with intelligent inventory management

  • Report on complete store operations

  • Monitor and maintain loyalty-based reward programs

Learn more about how the ACCEO Logivision system will benefit your candy store:

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